Welcome to aelf Web3.0 Hackathon - Legend X!

Build on aelf blockchain a fully-functioning C# application to win over $500,000 prize! 
Let's drive to a new Web3.0 universe which is more free, more efficient, and more real.

aelf is a technology company who focuses on the generation of digital assets and the development of its blockchain ecosystem, including the aelf mainnet, Oracle, DeFi protocol and many more.

aelf has developed an open-source blockchain network powered by cloud computing. Our mainnet is designed with a multi-level sidechain structure, addressing key issues and realizing unlimited scalability for a decentralized future. With this platform, users can gain access to a single solution which breaks the industry bottlenecks, enables cross-chain interoperability and achieves performance at 35k per sidechain. 

To express our profound gratitude to all our community members and devoted teams, aelf is thrilled to announce the host of the second hackathon - Lengd X on April 20th. For developers, the event shall come with more diversified tracks to compete within, higher prize to win and more assistance from the host team. While for community members, they shall have bigger chances of earning our incentive rewards and will be granted greater power to choose their favorite projects.

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