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over 1 year ago

Last day for aelf hackathon submission

Hello everyone, 

Today is the Last day to submit your aelf Hackathon project via devpost:

Submission Deadline: June 15th

Grant Deadline: June 23th

Judging: June 23rd - June 27th 

Winner Announcement: June 30th 


Much as we want to respond to developers’ requests to extend the submission deadline, we must ensure that the event is fair enough for each participant. Hence we would like to appeal to incomplete projects to finish building and submitting before 10 pm, June 15, UTC+8.


Meanwhile, for projects that may fail to meet the full submission requirments by June 15, we are offering another solution:

1. Make sure your project is successfully submitted on Devpost before the deadline (10 pm, June 15, UTC+8) and provide the required information as much as you can. 

2. In case there has missing information, you can send them to our official email address ( prior to aelf’s Grant deadline (5 pm, June 23rd, UTC +8). 


We're more than happy to receive your emails and requests.

Important: Please remember to provide the required information on Devpost to complete your submission first, we will only judge projects listed on the submission page.


Please feel free to leave your questions in our Telegram and Discord or through Email(


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.